Monday, June 24, 2013


I Will No Longer Hold Any 'American President, Accountable For Anything Done- or un-done In Office. My Last Time  Voting was for the 'final 'Bush administration- it was then I   decided to look back into the history of all our nations ComanderInChief all  the way back to John Kennedy & beyond, only to   discover;  'Every president- we have ever had, can   only make 'suggestions  for future changes & they can only make their 'suggestions according to what   their  intel-community chooses to let the CIC  know & of course; there is no-telling what the intel-communities choose to 'with-hold from the 'CIC.

Every change that effects our country is 'voted in by 'Congress. A Presidential Veto- is nothing more than a 'verbal objection  by the CIC in charge of  'public-relations between  'we-the-people & 'congress. It is 'Congress & the Intel-communities that  run this country- since the time of 'George Washington.  Every 'CIC of America have been no more than 'Mascots or 'Lame-ducks. Just as our current Queen of England has no 'authority over how 'England is run- the  same is true of 'every  CIC of the USA.

They are all 'public-relation 'mascots. If any CIC disapproves any action by 'congress- the intel-communities will always  fabricate an 'un-truth propagated by 'congressional   leaders & if the fabrication dont work- then, 'clandestine operations  propagated thru congressional leaders are often 'the last resort- even if it means; 'hiring out-side   sources  for 'assassination of the  CIC- Therefore, I can see no reason as to why anyone even chooses to vote for a CIC- since the 'CIC is chosen 'only thru the  'Electoral  College which is also run by 'congressional leaders. 'Assassinations of '2nd & 3rd world leaders are not    propagated  thru the CIC- but thru 'congressional votes alone. The CIC can only take credit for the command already voted on & if the CIC decides to 'VETO the move- The CIC is often 'removed from office, via 'impeachment or 'long-range  'fire-arm...

Do Our Votes 'really count...? 'Any vote can be over-turned by a 'congressional panel of 'judges.'Do I 'condone such actions...? 'Would it really make a difference...? 'Would you care for a spot of tea? 'One lump or 'two? "God Bless America + 11.5 million dol$$$'?' in 'under-table' (communication-technology grants) from the NSA & IRS. Did you really think you were in the land of the 'Free...? 'Think Again!

Are You Familiar with those 'FREE Obama-cell phones?- How many of the current owners knew that 'those phones also have [FM transmitters] under the magnets of the "speakers? How do I know? I helped to design them- not all of them have 'transmitters. I didnt know they were to be distributed to only 'low-income    families- I was under the impression they were  to only be 'distributed to 'NON-American Nationals, 'WHO DONT VOTE. 

By The Way; All you folks that buy Long-Distance calling-cards? 'ALL OF YOU, are now on the NSA 'Watch-Dog List. Dont bother to drop my name to them- because they will always tell you; "We Dont Know him- or they will just say "Im a nut-job- 'but According to CSI profiling rules; "Crazy folks- dont know that they are (crazy)... 'I suppose that this just makes me the 'exception to that rule. Is this all a 'joke? I think we all need to vote on it.

Will some kind soul 'forward this to WBAP, CareOf; Cris Krok. His site always tells to me; (dont Like Recipient). Just because Im (Anti-Christ) dont mean Im 'Anti-American.  The term; "Cris- is short for (Christ) & the term 'Christ- only means 'ANOINTED...'not 'Anointed-ONE" I just LOVE teaching folks; 'how- to THINK outside the 'BOX...:) 'Please feel free to share this with those you love & respect.

By; LW Craig